The inner frus…

Yesterday I took the tube to i do every other day. So i had travelled during rush hour and rush hour in Central London is hectic!! It’s like being in the taxi park at 7pm except with no taxi’s..everyone is rushing, trains are full..and you meet all sorts of people when you are squashed in the carriages. People like ArmPit Pete, Hangover Kelly, Iwannabewhite Nakanwagi..Hangoverandididntbrushmyteeth Smith..and ofcourse Ieatgarliceveryday Shushmita!! So anyway, i reach my destination and go up the escalators, my mind was far, far away, take out my Oyster card(it’s like a plastic ticket, you just add money and swipe it when you get to the barriers and they open) and swipe and the next thing I know some railway operative walks up to me and asks to see my ticket!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but when he walks up to you alone and everyone else walks past, it does feel odd! It puzzled me, because usually they check everyone on the trains. I always choose not to play the ‘Coz i’m black, inn’it?’ card..but i was disturbed by this and vowed to be more aggressive. Thing is, I have no problem with ‘white people’ or Caucasians doing this, they walk up to you real polite and ask kindly. Moving on..evening time when I was heading home, i again was going underground when some two guys called me. They were wearing plain clothes, one African(Nigerian, I could tell from the accent) and the other White. So the white guy flashes his Id and asks to see my Oyster card. Sooo this time I asked him why he wanted and before he said he was checking people’s Oyster’s cards. Then i asked him why he chose me and not anyone else. He was about to reply when the black man interrupted with ‘arrghhh, don’t waste our time, show us your Oyster card!’…I was fuming, literally! The white guy then told he was checking to see whether I was the holder of the Oyster coz it’s a student oyster card.. I had jammed, but the white guy was really polite about it, I gave in. I showed it to him, and he said thank you. Now this is not against black people working in London or Nigerians, but I am yet to find a polite black person working in a front of office, customer service role or just retail! All of them I have met just have the general assumption that because I am black we can always use the short cut. Like when I bought a ticket to travel abit out of London, I asked the information assistant who was black and he told me to catch a train further past the place I was going then switch to the other side. I thought he was giving me the right direction but the information he gave was wrong! I got onto the train with the train for my destination and when the ticket inspector came and checked he said I had to pay extra. I told him it was the fault of the information chap because that is what he told me! You see, by taking that train going further I would cut time, but travel in a zone I hadn’t paid for and just switch over to the other platform. I would have gladly waited a good 20 minutes extra but noooooooooo…the bloody idiot assumed because i am black, I would want to break the law. This reads like it is written in bad taste but whenever i walk into a store, i’d rather be served by a purely English person and or someone who is of white origin. I don’t care whether they are pretending to be polite but when I ask for service i get service…when I ask for a demo about a particular phone I have seen, I bloody well would like a demo, and not ‘we can’t do a demo if you are not going to buy the phone’..’we can’t do a demo right now coz we are busy’..busy my backside!! I am the bloody customer and I demand service! And for any black underground staff who want to stop me and ask for my ticket, think twice…im going to be big-headed and impossible..just wait and see..and yes i will shout, ‘Coz I’m black, inn’it!!’



  1. heaven! said,

    February 1, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    ok, the first part makes me feel kinda guilty…

    but the good thing is am getting the firsties so i feel alot better!

    p’se try out that telling the black guy “Coz I’m black, inn’it!!’ thing please try it, please. then describe their reaction for me!

    meanwhile Tandra is also inner frusing!…let me see if i can do that too!

  2. Tandra said,

    February 1, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    wammma…let it all out. stand ur ground!!!

  3. Sybella said,

    February 6, 2008 at 11:51 am

    eh, it seems its an inner frus season, kind of letting it out… but thats just wrong. sometimes we, africans/ black people, are our own worst enemies.

  4. degstar said,

    February 6, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    u man wat r u denying?
    when my cousins and i would catch the tram from old trafford to Victoria station in Manchester, whereas me with my ugandan honesty wld pay full up, they wld pay 4 a ticket upto St. peter’s square whh was like a stop or 2 b4 Victoria. dat way if dey got caught, dey’d pretend mbu dey’d 4gotten 2 get off at “the right stop”. d day a ticket inspector caught us i died. of shame. never to do it again. as 4 the service thing, i never had probs dere, the trick is to be as if local like dem, dey dont like it wen u be dere talk talking ur nice eloquent ugandan english.

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