Cry Uganda

SO a couple of weeks..more like months ago..the chinese gov’t held an African Leader’s summit in Beijing and some debts were cancelled…money was given to us(the Africans) and the some individuals decided to say mbu we’re going to beg for money and stuff like that..the west said China was morally wrong coz there is still alot of injustice and no democracy in Africa to which the Chinese responded that there was no need for Africa to have democracy at this stage where there is almost no infrastructure to run the country hence the need for single leaders to rule endlessly(is it me or can u smell abit of communism there)..and also the Chinese have a policy of non interference and also respect the country’s sovereignity so they go about their business whilst the locals squabble which really is a fair issue coz when the Americans have those chaps locked up in Guantanamo Bay, the foreign investors don’t call for their fair trials do they??But thats not the question today..the question today is really why is China deeply interested in Africa..scratch that..make it two africans really know why China is really interested in our land? We all believe that China all of a sudden has had a change of heart and feel towards the suffering, underpriviledged African like they see on Tv..NO…NO..It’s obvious that Africa is a treasure chest lying open..waiting for someone to come and claim but what they dont know is that some of the treasures are cursed…building a few roads for us…an embassy here and there..govt ministry..stadium..maybe they have good intentions..maybe they dont..let’s review some of the figures;

1.South Africa has 88% of global platinum reserves, 72% of chronium, 80% of manganese, 30% of titanium, 40% of gold, 44% of vanadium, 19% of zircon, 10% of uranium and 8% of nickel.

2.Guinea has a third of the world’s bauxite.

3.Botswana has a quarter of the world’s diamonds.

4.Zimbabwe has 12% of global chromium and also large deposits of platinum.

5.Niger is the third largest supplier of uranium in the world.

6.Former Belgian Congo aka DRC has large deposits of copper, cobalt, gold and other raw materials which HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN MEASURED!!

7.Oil fields in Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon produce 3.4 million barrels of oil and there is a 90% probability that production could exceed 5.3 million barrels in the next three years, 50% probability it cud reach 6.4 million barrels and 10% probability that it cud exceed 7.4 million barrels!! and this is minus our own Uganda!!

China’s offer of monetary assistance is being taken by govts who opt for it rather than take IMF and WB loans..maybe this cud see the end of donors…maybe not.

Also the population of China is slowing down and Africa’s is set to project to about 2 billion in a couple of years whilst China will hit the 1.47 billion mark then decrease sharply…this means that Africa will be a source of labour and no longer China hence the diversion of industries to Africa.Let’s do the maths and wait and see in a couple of years wats going to happen..

But our governments should be able to broker deals that see it best not only for themselves but also for future citizens..our great grandchildren..that should their legacy..a better Africa for our descendants but not a better doesnt make sense to drive the best cars…live in the best houses..and yet a few years down the road, it’s all going to crumble down and we’re back to square one!! It would be life’s greatest tragedy and most the most ironic thing to ever happen on this stage called life…SOD OFF TO THE GOVERNMENT AND BALLS TO PARLIAMENT…WE NEED A REVOLUTION!!!


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