Al Gore made a movie about it…well it’s been in the media but not in Uganda, well im talking about it..indirectly. I have mentioned in previous posts about the way the sahara desert had the largest number of hippopotamus in the world and we all know, atleast it’s common knowledge that hippos need large masses of water to survive. Kati back to my post..has anyone wondered what would happen to Ugandans in the event of a famine or drought(Lord forbid that should happen)?? People would starve..millions..this i say coz there is no food security at all. Most of the food grown is sold and the little food people upcountry grow is also sold..why? so they can more food, isnt it? strange..but the old ugandan societies had food security..alot of it by the way, it was mandatory for all homesteads to have a granary where they kept food and in later times every homestead had to take a certain amount to the Agricultural officer’s stores to be kept just in case there was a lack of food in the near future but now..does that ever happen? wapi, imagine lorries are going as far as deep, deep Rwimi to get if u know where matooke is bought from in western Uganda especially Fort Portal sides you that Rwimi is deep kyalo!! And with places like Northern Uganda especially Karamoja where there is always aridity which is slowly coming down south we should really get more concerned with building up food reserves. Without a doubt there is alot of under utilization of land in Uganda and instead people are putting structures on land whereby they could be growing food. The available land for farmwork is England is far less than what Uganda has and also the fact that they can only grow food in 4 months of the year should really be a wake up call for Ugandans. I bet the rice im eating was probably packed 5 years ago. It’s a shame that Ugandans are actually starving yet we have so much fertile land. And if everyone keeps moving to the Urban areas so they can get jobs loading matooke off lorries, dont they wonder who is growing the food? It’s a simple question they should ask themselves..if all the able bodied are looking for money in the urban areas, is it the bakadde, bakaikuru, grannies if u please tilling the land? well they can only do so much..And then you have Ronnie demanding for federo and Oyo just chilling enjoying oil dollars..these kings instead of just enjoying the moment should rally their people and ‘force’ them to grow their own food..for starters they should use their ‘chiefs’ to make sure every homestead has a granary that way they can be sure to have a ‘strong kingdom’ they should also ensure or ‘force’ every homestead to build a pit latrine. Good personal hygiene is a must so they people dont go off using ‘buveeras'(polythene bags) which will inturn pollute the soil. Then the should also ensure(‘force’) the people to build rubbish pits so that there is proper disposal of rubbish. And when you have created that order in society, society builds on that and it keeps progressing..but now u have Seya who cant control the rubbish in Kampala..let alone the sewarage system..can’t control the building up of slam areas..he cant even maintain the roads let alone handle the sale of one market!! I mean what’s hard with selling one large area of cement and posts? Anyway thats another rant for another post..back to food security, if all the food is going to be sold in Southern Sudan(thats the new market place) what shall we eat? There are loads of projects run by the world bank and other aid organisations who are giving people money..if u want to sell cows quickly and for a good price, go to Sudan..Gilbert should be promoting his rice scheme everywhere so we all have abit of security that is..ANYWAY..let’s wait and see. There was bad weather across the United States, a landslide in Bolivia and Indonesia..severe hailstorm in Mbarara we need to be alert of the weather and the effects it will have on farming in Uganda.

Then the judges decided to go on is Kale going to tear gas them and cane them kiboko?? Hope that mess is fixed up..i mean the whole Judiciary..a whole instrument of government stops to work? Atleast we know some people are actually honest in doing their jobs..the only reason why those PRA boys were re-arrested is because they didnt know the State Attorney? You’re wondering who the state attorney is and what has he got to do wit the Judicial proceedings, to understand what I am going on about, you need to have a relative locked up in jail. He decides your as long the state attorney is being paid, and you aren’t wetting his’re most definately going to stay in jail. Ask the women in jail and those on death row..all they will tell u is ‘munange oyo siiteetii’ and then clasp their chins and look fearfully and tearfully into the future…

Then MUK students decided to go on strike..mbu Guild Presido has said so..glad to know it flopped..that guild president deserves to be caned…THOROUGHLY!!! Instead of advocating for things that are beneficial to MUK students he wants them to strike. He should be advocating for Anonymous Marking, truth of the matter there is alot of bias whilst people are marking our exams..just ur name, sex or religion or tribe is enough to bias the marker. Also he should advocate for stuff like free contraceptives, wheelchair accessibility for disabled students into the classes and other areas like library and washrooms..hostels are in bad condition..He needs to be more serious…instead of dragging your fellow students in trouble..politics is hard game..a game where is it kill or be killed..what he is doing is leading his school of nile perch to the crocodile infested waters..Lord Help US

I’ll leave you guys with a quote a friend of mine sent me, dont know who authored it..but ..

‘every generation must out of relative obscurity, find it’s mission…fulfill it or betray it’

to my man Q..i finally understand wat u said man…i see it clearly

one love to all my peoples

………….a luta continua……….


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